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Energas Supplies Skid-Mounted HPCM’s To Mozambican Client

[Johannesburg, 3 September 2019]: Leading supplier of high-end and specialised equipment to the oil and gas industries in Africa, Energas Technologies has supplied high-pressure customer metering solutions to a customer in Mozambique.

Energas specialises in the supply of complete skid-mounted HPCMs (high-pressure customer metering stations) for natural gas. The skid-mounted stations are designed, shop fabricated and assembled, fully tested and packaged before transported to site.

The skid includes filtration, pressure reduction, over-pressure protection and metering. The station supplied to Mozambique will reduce the pressure from 55 bar (inlet line pressure) down to 1 to 3 bar (outlet pressure to the user) within one stage of pressure reduction. The station has a single run and has a flow capacity of 200 Sm3/h.

A second run can be added for redundancy if required. The station includes the skid frame, piping, insulation joints, pressure regulator valve, slam-shut valve, pressure relief valves, gauges and isolation valves. The station is designed according to ASME B31.8 (gas transmission and distribution piping systems).

Natural gas, as an alternative energy source to electricity, diesel, coal or LPG is a very reliable, clean, safe and affordable solution for industrial users requiring energy for heating processes. Natural gas can be supplied via a pipeline network or by means of compressed natural gas cylinders to users not close to a pipeline.


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