Tank Safety Equipment

Pressure & Vacuum Relief Vents

Pressure and vacuum conservation vents are employed where it is necessary or desirable to reduce evaporation of tank contents to the atmosphere. These vents are used for liquid storage applications in the chemical, petroleum, refining, renewable fuels, pulp and paper and power generation industries. Protectoseal vents feature a patented FEP film diaphragm and a low-leak pallet design and all vents are leak tested prior to despatch from the factory. Conforms to European ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and available in various configurations, materials and sizes. Clamp-on steam jackets are also available for standard vents.

Pressure Vacuum Relief Vents
Emergency Pressure Relief Vents

Emergency Pressure Relief Vents

Emergency relief vents are used on tanks and provide a means of venting under extreme cases like tank exposure to fire. Venting requirements for fire far exceed the normal venting requirements. Conforms to European ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and available in various configurations, materials and sizes.

Deflagration & Detonation Arresters

Protectoseal deflagration and detonation arresters can provide an effective means against flame propagation into storage tanks and inside pipelines containing hazardous and flammable vapours, if applied correctly. The Protectoseal range includes end-of-line deflagration arresters through to unstable detonation arresters suitable for short-time burning. Arresters can be supplied in compliance with the stringent USCG specification or to ISO 16852.

Typical Applications:

Deflagration Detonation Arresters
Tank Blanketing Valves

Tank Blanketing Valves

Tank blanketing valves provide an effective means of preventing and controlling explosions in flammable liquid storage tanks. Blanketing valves introduce an inert gas like nitrogen into the tank that forms an inert blanket above the tank contents to prevent explosive mixtures or to prevent contamination of the stored product. Blanketing valves are used on tanks with flammable or high purity liquids. Conforms to European ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and available with various options.

Liquid Level Indicators & Specialty Tank Fittings

Protectoseal Series Nos. 40000/41000 liquid level indicators are used for accurate liquid level gauging of fixed roof tanks storing oil, water, solvents and other products. Ask us about available Protectoseal tank fittings.

Liquid Level Indicators Specialty Tank Fittings

Elmac Technologies Flame Arresters

Elmac Arresters are type-tested to EN ISO 16852 and approved according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

End of line Flame Arresters

Deflagration Arresters (high temperature services):

Based on the installation position there are two types Deflagration Arresters:

End-of-line Deflagration Flame Arresters are designed to protect against atmospheric deflagration where the ignition source originates outside of the system.

In-line Deflagration Flame Arresters prevent the propagation of flames in the piping systems by locating the arrester in close proximity to the potential source of ignition.  It ensures that any flame or explosion is confined to the immediate area. 

Deflagration Arresters Type Series Size   NEC group Temperature range
End-of-line EHB up to 24” D (IEC group llA) up to 150°C
ESA up to 24” C (IEC group llB) up to 150°C
In-line LCA up to 12” D (IEC group llA up to 160°C
LEA up to 16” D (IEC group llA) up to 160°C
LEB up to 4” C (IEC group llB) up to 160°C

Detonation Arresters (high temperature services):

The Elmac In-line Unstable Detonation Arresters are designed to prevent the propagation of gas or vapour explosions in pipelines under the most severe conditions of unstable detonation, stable detonation and deflagration. This type of arrester is specified for use in pipeline systems where the distance between the source of ignition and the flame is significant and/or where detonations are possible. The in-line detonation flame arresters are specifically designed for pipelines that are manifolded or with a significant distance between the ignition source and the flame arrester, or for use where the pipe is rough, bent or obstructed.  It can be placed any distance from the ignition source.

Tank safety
Detonation Arresters Type Series Size   NEC group Temperature range
In-line UCA up to 18” D (IEC group llA) up to 150°C
Flame Arrester Valve Combination

Flame arrester/breather valve - FAB

The Elmac Technologies patented Flame Arrester Breather Valve (FAB) series integrates a RE-Flow Flame Arrester with a Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valve. These devices are designed to protect tanks and process equipment from excessive pressure and vacuum and also from atmospheric deflagrations. FAB Valve series conserve product and reduce pollution from evaporation losses. They are generally required by EPA and API regulations in venting applications.

Series Size   NEC group Set-vacuum range Set-vacuum range
FAB-E up to 12” C and D vapours/gases Up to 3.5kPa   Down to 2 kPa