Gas Engines

Generator Sets

Schmitt Enertec in Germany specializes in the design and manufacturing of gas engines for various applications. Dependent on project requirements one can choose from a wide range of generator sets with and without heat recovery and co-generation.

The generator sets are designed for power production in island or parallel mode with other generators and or utilities.

Applications and installations vary from hospitals, resorts, biogas plants, municipal district heating etc.  where power and or heat is required.

Generator Sets
Generator Sets with Heat Recovery

Generator Sets with Heat Recovery

The ENERGIN GEN+ units are generator sets with heat recovery from engine jacket water, lube oil and first stage mixture cooling.  Heat recovery increases the overall efficiency of the engines by 28% by utilizing the thermal energy.

An optional sound enclosure can be mounted on the same frame and reduces the sound level to less than 70 dB (A).

Basic specifications

Generator sets with combined heat and power (CHP)

More than double the energy used to generate electricity is wasted in the form of heat discharged to the atmosphere.

CHP is on-site electricity generation that captures the heat that would otherwise be wasted to provide useful thermal energy – such as steam or hot water. Steam and hot water can be used for several processes such as space heating, cooling, domestic hot water and industrial processes. Through waste heat recovery a total energy efficiency up to 91%, can be achieved compared to 42% of conventional technologies where only electric power is generated.

Typical CHP applications are:

The ENERGIN CHP units are co-generation generators with highly efficient heat recovery from the jacket water and exhaust gas of the engine. The units are compact and easy to install. All the components such as the drive unit, heat exchangers, pumps, silencers, controls and switchgear are mounted on a common frame and completely assembled.

Generator sets with combined heat and power CHP
Energin PPT power plants up to 25MW

Energin PPT power plants up to 25MW

ENERGIN PPT are power plants constructed by parallel installation of 4-50 ENERGIN generator sets.  A combined rated power of 2 – 25 MW is therefore possible.  The use of standardized generator sets offers many advantages over plants with fewer, but larger engines.