Fuel Fittings and Caps

Fuel Tank Safety Caps

The Protectoseal combination safety fill cap, flash arrester and pressure / vacuum relief device is designed for installation in fuel tank openings of gasoline or diesel-powered equipment such as industrial trucks, forklifts, tractors and airport ground support equipment.

The flash arrester keeps a flame from entering the tank, thereby preventing explosion of the confined vapors within the tank. Safety fittings provide sufficient pressure relief to prevent tank rupture and sufficient vacuum relief to facilitate gas flow from the tank. Spring-loaded, self-closing cap protects against evaporation losses.

Essential to the Safe Fueling and the Control of Fugitive Emissions to meet EPA Requirements for Gasoline or Diesel Powered Vehicles and /or Equipment.



Cap Colour-Code

Protectoseal’s line of fuel safety caps are durable, with lead-free finish and colour-coded to indicate specific industry standard storage application:

Red and Green fuel fitting