Pressure Regulators, Slam-shut & Safety Relief Valves

Gas pressure regulators and slam-shut valves are found at the heart of gas pressure reducing stations supplying regional feeder mains, large industrial gas users and natural gas power plants.

GFS Pressure Regulator Valves

GFS™ Pressure Regulators, REGES® T-series (PRV, PCV acc. EN334) allow pressure control for a downstream piping section or network by reducing the pressure to a preset value independent from supply pressure and flow rate.  When configured as monitor, the pressure regulator is intended to be used as both downstream pressure protection and pressure control.

GFS™ Pressure Regulators, REGES® T-series are pilot controlled self-acting control valves. The REGES® T-series designed to maintain the controlled pressure as preset within its tolerance field irrespective of disturbances, such as flow, inlet pressure or temperature variations.

GFS Reges T84 Regulator Valve
Gascat Gas Pressure Regulators

Gascat Gas Pressure Regulators

A variety of Gascat gas pressure regulators are available for different gas flow rates, inlet pressures and set-points. Compact wafer-type regulators to regulators with an integral slam-shut valve are available. Gascat regulators are designed and manufactured in Brazil.

GFS Slam-Shut Valves

The SAGES® T91 series are high integrity globe-type safety shut-off valves. They operate as direct acting, spring loaded slam shut devices (SSV) designed to quickly shut-off the gas flow completely and automatically when the monitored pressure exceeds the preset value (Over Pressure Shut-Off).

The SAGES® T91 can additionally be configured to close when the inlet pressure drops below another preset value (Under Pressure Shut-Off).

GFS T91 Slam Shut Valve image
Gascat Slam Shut Valves

Gascat Slam-Shut Valves

The Gascat slam-shut valves can be either used for over-pressure protection (model GIPS) or under-pressure (model GDPS). These slam-shut valves are used widely on gas pressure regulating and metering stations. Available in 1” to 12” size and ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 600 pressures ratings.

Spring Loaded Pressure Safety Valve

TAI Milano spring loaded pressure safety valves can be supplied as the conventional type or with a pressure balancing bellows if undesirably high backpressure situations could exist. These pressure safety relief valves are used to protect pressure vessels and piping systems (specifically in pressure reduction stations) against over-pressure and must be appropriately sized for each application. Various materials for high or low temperature service and different disc options are available. TAI Milano relief valves comply with ASME B16.34, API 520, API 526 and API 527. ASME stamped relief valves are available.

Spring Loaded Pressure Safety Valve
Pilot Operated Relief Valves Change Over Valves

Pilot-Operated Relief Valves & Change-Over Valves

TAI Milano high pressure pilot operated safety valves become practicable when the values obtained by conventional spring loaded pressure safety valves (minimum over-pressure, blowdown and maximum allowable backpressure) are limiting the design and operation of pressure vessels. These valves offer superior performance when it comes to leak tightness and allowable backpressure. These valves are also independent of the pressure drop in the nozzle during relief as the sense connection is mounted remotely. The adjustment of set-pressure and blowdown is achieved much easier than with convention spring loaded valves. Available in ANSI Class 150 to ANSI Class 2500 inlet pressures. TAI Milano also manufactures low pressure pilot operated relief valves and change-over valves if more complex relief systems are required.

RMG Diaphragm & Pilot-Operated Regulator

RMG by Honeywell offers a range of regulators from small domestic to large industrial applications. Control pressures range from as low as 1 kPa to several bar gas pressure and in accordance with EN 334.

RMG Diaphragm Pilot Operated Regulator