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Energas Technologies fired up for Apek-mini launch in SA

[Johannesburg, 19 August 2015] Energas Technologies, a leading supplier of high-end and specialised equipment to the oil and gas industries in Southern Africa since 2001, has brought to the local market yet another great innovation. Dynamite comes in small packages, they say, and the much-anticipated Apek-mini bears no exception.

Manufactured by HTT, experts in thermal oil, thermal oil systems, heat recovery and plant modernisation, the Apek-mini, a new product in HTT’s range, represents a new efficiency class of heat generation. According to Laetitia Botha, Product Engineer for Energas Technologies, “The Apek-mini was developed as a highly efficient fired heater for smaller plants. It uses excess heat generated during process heating to preheat combustion air of the thermal oil heater, which further increases the efficiency of the heater.”

Technology that was, until now, reserved only for large plants, can now be realised in plants with a capacity of 300kW with the Apek-mini, and its advantages are manifold. The Apek-mini recovers energy from hot waste gases and its system components have been optimally harmonised to achieve 100% waste gas pollutant reduction. The system is easy to retrofit, boasts short amortisation periods, and almost all of the heat generated by the system is put to use, resulting in a distinct increase in efficiency, and a kinder approach to the environment. “The Apek-mini is the perfect optimisation for HTT thermal oil systems and is used in various industrial sectors, such as the chemical, textile, food, metal, rubber, mineral oil, wood and printing industries,” comments Botha.

The Apek-mini was developed in response to the need for smaller operations to have access to adaptable world-class heating technology. Already successfully installed in several plants across the world, the Apek-mini was developed and manufactured in-house through a process of design and development, planning and manufacturing of measurement, control and regulating systems and switchgear plants, as well as mechanical production for the finished product. “Preheating the combustion air of the burner of smaller units represented a challenge for us. However, through research and development, technology was engineered to make the Apek-mini a one-of-a-kind product that can do just that,” remarks Botha.

Three basic principles guide the unique workings of the Apek-mini, including its firing system, preheating of air, and air supply. The firing system uses the latest burner technology with coupled electronic control and low NOx burner tip assembly and achieves best waste gas pollutant reduction. Air is preheated through a simple design feature and is precisely controlled by an internal bypass flap, which is also available with controlled drive. A cold air fan is installed directly at the air preheater for air supply. It carries a highly efficient motor and is built compact to save space. The system is also available in vertical or horizontal configurations for adaptability and further space saving.

Proof in the pudding

Daub Backtechnik, a Hamburg-based global supplier of bakery equipment, had the following to say about the new Apek-mini: “We have waited a long time for such a system as the Apek-mini. With this system, our customers are capable of using even small amounts of energy in the best possible way. In addition, we now have both an alternative and supplementary system for warm water generation in our customers’ enterprises.”

Safety first

For Energas Technologies and HTT, safety is the top priority in every installation. “The technical safety outfit of an HTT thermo oil fired unit complies with DIN 4754 guidelines according to the German Institute for Standardisation for preliminary flow monitoring, minimum oil level monitoring in the expansion container, temperature supervision of preliminary heat and flue gas, as well as of the preliminary heat temperature regulation. And of course all boilers have a CE construction design licence complying with Module B of the EC Pressure Device Directive 97/23/EG,” notes Botha.

With the backing of a global entity like HTT, Energas Technologies has expert product support from a single source, which it carries through to its customers. Says Botha, “The support ranges from consultation and planning of novel products, and extends to customer-specific engineering and project finance. Whether it’s a completely new system, expansion or modernisation of inventory or used systems, Energas Technologies is well-positioned to develop customised solutions for its clients,” concluding, “With product maintenance, after-sales service, a 24-hour service helpline, spare parts supply and training for our customers’ employees, we ensure the sustainable and smooth operation of our clients’ systems and equipment.”